The Three Streams of the Radensko Polje PDF Natisni E-pošta

There are three streams in the Radensko Polje. The Dobravka runs from the north from non-karst land and disappears underground beneath Boštanj Hill and Zagradec.

The Zelenka and Šica are true karst streams because they arise and disappear underground in the karst polje itself. The Zelenka flows from a spring in a narrow stream across the polje and soon begins to disappear underground into sinkholes at its eastern edge, ending its journey in a cave called Pekel (‘Hell’). During droughts, the Zelenka goes dry and the spring becomes a sinkhole.

The source of the Šica is at the south end of the polje, below the village of Mala Račna, and when the water is high it can be seen welling up from underground. It meanders across the polje, lengthening its course nearly threefold. The Šica usually vanishes into Zatočna Cave. When there is heavy rain over a long period of time, its course lengthens and it runs underground into Lazarjeva Cave, 200 metres away. Above it is the Viršnica collapsed sinkhole; however, the water never reaches this. All three sinkholes together form the entrance to the Šica cave system, which extends over 1792 metres.


During heavy rains, the waters put on a magnificent show. They flood the polje and disappear again in a slow flood wave that makes its way across the polje. When the southernmost Zatočna Caves are filled up, the flood wave reverses and a karst lake begins to form.