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The starting point for a visit to the Radensko Polje is the tourist information centre at the Boštanj Castle Gardens, located in the north of the polje beneath the remains of the castle. The centre offers lodgings and snacks, and also boasts a gallery and a wedding hall. A permanent exhibition on the Radensko Polje is on view at the centre. Informative signboards placed by some of the characteristic karst phenomena will guide you through the paths of the Radensko Polje. On the edge of the Radensko Polje runs the main road towards Velika Račna, so access is also possible from other points.

 The informations about the nature park are available  on

 Every week day between 9 - 15

mobile no. 00386 40 655 795

mobile no. 00386 40 655 796

mobile no. 00386 40 655 797


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